The Chinese recognized Red Yeast Rice (monascus purpureus) benefits thousands of years ago. It is a fermented food that is still used in Asian cooking (including Peking Duck).

red_yeast_rice_mixerHow Is It Made?

Red Yeast Rice is made by fermenting a type of red fungus called monascus purpureus over rice. Our Red Yeast Rice is grown organically in the Pennsylvania and fermented aseptically from start to finish. By strictly controlling the strain of monascus purpureus that is inoculated on the sterilized rice, the presence of citrinin, a sometimes harmful by-product of fermentation, is avoided. Every batch of Red Yeast Rice is tested and must pass stringent standards.

The product is then transferred aseptically to special growout bags that allow for oxygen exchange but does not allow contaminants like bacteria to enter.

Once the rice is colonized with the monascus and reaches the potency levels that we desire, the process is stopped. It is then dried, ground, and sent through stringent Quality Control Testing.

This high-quality organic Red Yeast Rice is then manufactured into capsules at a certified organic pharmaceutical-level GMP facility that doesn’t add unwanted fillers.

The purity of a supplement’s raw ingredients makes the difference between an effective, well-tolerated product and an inferior, poorly absorbed one that may even cause allergenic or harmful reactions. That’s why our commitment to using the purest ingredients possible makes Red Yeast Rice Gold . . . THE GOLD STANDARD.